Get all attributes from the kFileTexture node Maya Python API

import maya.OpenMaya as OpenMaya

m_iterator = OpenMaya.MItDependencyNodes( OpenMaya.MFn.kFileTexture )
m_nodeFn   = OpenMaya.MFnDependencyNode()

while not m_iterator.isDone():
    m_object = m_iterator.thisNode()
    m_nodeFn.setObject( m_object )
    print( "  --- {0} --- ".format( )
    for i in range( m_nodeFn.attributeCount() ):
        m_atrr   = m_nodeFn.attribute(i)
        m_fnAttr = OpenMaya.MFnAttribute( m_atrr )
        print( )

Blender: 3D View: Toggle Views

My first Blender Script ( Add-on ). I decided to make something useful, I am using same script in Maya ( I would say same idea ). This add-on toggles Camera from PERSP view to SIDE view and back ( depends of camera vector ). You just need press Alt + Q hotkey. In case if you are already using this hotkey, you will need to specify something else in preferences ( you just need to assign operator view3d.toggle_views_op to any hotkey).
Download : 2.79 3D View: Toggle Views 2.80 3D View: Toggle Views : 2.79 3D View: Toggle Views 2.80 3D View: Toggle Views

Maya: Extra Attributes using Maya API classes

Dealt Maya API. Here I decided to post some example functions. The basic idea was using Maya API Python classes realize workflow with extra attributes at native Maya node. Suppose you want to make a script that stores some data in one native Maya node (in the script node, for example), and if user do not have your script, nothing terrible will happen, node modified by you will work without any troubles. Sorry for my English.

You should get something like this:

Maya: isMeshHasSkinCluster()

I want to share useful function created by me, I use it in my scripts.
You can modify it in such a way that it will return a pointer to skinCluster for example. I also wrote a some comments. Hope it will be useful for someone.