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Create png file using OpenMaya.MImage()

import maya.OpenMaya as OpenMaya

def main():
    m_color = ( 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0 )
    m_color = float4Torgba(m_color)    

def generateTexture(m_path,m_fileName,m_color):
        m_util = OpenMaya.MScriptUtil
        m_height = 16
        m_width = 16
        m_depth = 4
        m_image = OpenMaya.MImage()
        m_image.create(m_height, m_width, m_depth )
        m_pixels = m_image.pixels()
        m_arrayLen = m_width * m_height * m_depth
        for i in range(0, m_arrayLen, m_depth):
            m_util.setUcharArray(m_pixels, i+0, m_color[0])    
            m_util.setUcharArray(m_pixels, i+1, m_color[1])
            m_util.setUcharArray(m_pixels, i+2, m_color[2])
            m_util.setUcharArray(m_pixels, i+4, 0)
        m_image.setPixels(m_pixels, m_height, m_width)        
        m_image.writeToFile( "{}/{}.png".format(m_path,m_fileName), '.png' )
        OpenMaya.MGlobal.displayWarning("Can't save file to {}/{}.png".format(m_path,m_fileName))
        return False
        return True
def float4Torgba((m_r,m_g,m_b,m_a)):
    m_red   = int(m_r * 255.0)
    m_green = int(m_g * 255.0)
    m_blue  = int(m_b * 255.0)
    m_alpha = int(m_a * 255.0)
    return (m_red, m_green, m_blue, m_alpha)


Attach Polygons Tool for Maya like in 3ds Max

The same like in 3dsmax. Attach polygons via Maya Python Api and Maya cmds to existing mesh.
Not combine, no cheating. Also with skinning support.
Limitation : very slow.
Download : attachObjects.zip

Just unzip the script into C:/maya_scripts/modeling and make a Python shelf button in Maya with this code:

import sys
import maya.cmds as cmds 
path = 'C:/maya_scripts/modeling'
if path not in sys.path:
import attachObjects; attachObjects.main();

Generate random uv’s Maya Python API

Quick example working with OpenMaya.MFnMesh setUV and assignUV.
Limitation : works only on objects with no construction history.
Download : apiGenerateUV.zip


Houdini course at CG Spectrum

My student work during the course:

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Arnold for Maya – Custom velocity Motion Blur

Quick tutorial, easy way how you can transfer velocity vector from Houdini using Alembic.
Download : customVelocity.zip


Convert Vertex Normals to Soft/Hard Edges using Maya Python API

Download : vtxNormalsToSoftHardEdges.zip

import vtxNormalsToSoftHardEdges; vtxNormalsToSoftHardEdges.convertNormals();


Houdini: roundcorners python node

This python node allows user to get equivalent of mia_roundcorners in Houdini.
Download : roundcorners_example
Download : roundcorners_digitalAsset

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Houdini: Toggle Views

My first Houdini Python Script. This script toggles Camera from PERSP view to SIDE view and back ( depends of camera vector ). You just need to make a Python shelf. Create new Python Tool and link my script.
Something like:

import view3d_toggle_views

Download : Toggle Views

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get MDagPath() from MObject()

Quick example

import maya.OpenMaya as OpenMaya

m_obj       = OpenMaya.MObject() # should get from any code above
m_dagPath   = OpenMaya.MDagPath()
if m_obj.hasFn( OpenMaya.MFn.kDagNode ):
    OpenMaya.MDagPath.getAPathTo( m_obj, m_dagPath )
    print( m_dagPath.fullPathName() )

Traversing whole scene file Maya Python API

Quick example

import maya.OpenMaya as OpenMaya

m_iterator = OpenMaya.MItDag( OpenMaya.MItDag.kDepthFirst )
while not m_iterator.isDone():
	m_obj   = m_iterator.currentItem()
	m_objFn = OpenMaya.MFnDagNode( m_obj )
	#if ( OpenMaya.MFn.kMesh == m_obj.apiType() ):
	print( m_objFn.fullPathName() )